please tell me what this means…aji daba 'andi brgik naktek…thanks…and can you suggest a good website for learning darija…thanks

A good website to learn would be here. Just look around. Check out the lessons, vocabulary lists, exercises and there is always help from other users.

Ok, the beginning i know that would be: “Come now I have” but with “brgik naktek” I’m not sure and I don’t want to say something wrong. But I’m sure you don’t have to wait long for somebody else.

Please introduce yourself here:

thank you…i appreciate you taking the time to answer my post…

the other word was spelled wrong…its naklek

You’re welcome.

aji deba andi, bghit naklek: come to me now, i want to eat you

So as MarocRulz corrected, even the other word was spelled wrong.

Nuwwara, well done :). As you can see now, “3andi” wasn’t to expression possession, so it was rather “come now to me”, than “come now, I have…”. Very smart attempt though.