Umakountch Hna

Choukran Bzzaf

I have seen rani , raki, rah…What does it exactly mean?

And what is the difference between fiyya and 3ndi?


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re : back

rah ma kentsh hna: I wasnt here

In Algerian Arabic there is the verb “ra” for to be it’s conjugated rani (I am) rak (you are), rah (he is), raha (she is)… I’ve heart it’s used in the Oujda area in Morocco, too.

Correct. It’s used elsewhere as well. We do use it in the South.

Difference between fiyya and 3ndi:
Fiyyâ sskhâna = I got fever.
Fiyyâ jjô3 = I am hunger.
Literally: In me is fever, in me is hunger.
Fiyyâ = in me. You use to express a state.

3ndî moshkila
= I have a problem.
3ndî bzzâf dyâl lflôs = I have a lot of money.
Jâ 3ndî lddâr = He came (to me) to my house.
3ndi is either used for possession, or for location (at my place).

I hope this helps.