translation urgent bzaf =S

what does this mean:

wellahila tserre7 lik lssan o welliti katkharji 3inik fsyadk

chukran bzaf bzaf

I am not sure of the last word, “fsyadk”, but I’ll give it a try.

Literal translation:
Your tongue really got straight, and you now stare back at your hunter.

You really are now able to answer back/be argumentative, and you stand up to face your enemy/opponent.

It depends on the context, take what suits you.

chukran bzaf SM, but just another question, what do welliti and wellahila mean on their own? i see welliti everywhere

Welliti : litterally means “you’ve come back”, in Darija it means “you’ve become” or “you’ve resulted to…”

  • it can be replaced by “3edti” & “rja3ti”, they have the same litteral meaning, & the same use in Darija. exept for that “rja3ti” can be used as “come back” too.

  • In countryside slangs, “welliti” is still used as “you’ve come back”, & as “become” too.

Wellahila : litterally means “i swear to God that…”, & its used in that meaning in Darija.
sometimes its used as a confirmation to someone’s talk:
EX: person1: that driver is doing 140 on the freeway, i bet he’s looking for some blood
person2: wellahila !

  person1: that player didn't wanna go out when he had a red card, what did he expect a cake or sth!
  person2: wellahila !
  • In some northern areas, its used to confirm sth to someone who didn’t/couldn’t believe from 1st time.
    EX: person1: they rised the prices of bread again !
    person2: what are you saying ?!!
    person1: wellahila ! (i swear to God that’s true)

THANK YOU PB, well explained :okay:
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