Translation to English or French

Good morning
Can somebody translate this article. I know the man and I cannot understand what is written.
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Thanks a lot

Hello Christa,
as wrote in this article is a sad news, that man in the picture is dead
all my condolences, :disappointed_relieved: this the translation of the article “as shown in the picture”:

Omar Ait Hamy Ben Chikhe Ali from Marzouga God bless
last night the person known as “#Omar_Ait_Hamy” Ben Chikhe Ali are dead in traffic accident happend in the way bettwen Hassy Al Biyade and Arfoud in the center of Marzzoka, common Al Tawouss.
and it will bury Tuesday 2021/10/19 after noon in graveyard of Marzzoka …
in the picture they are Islamic supplications that’s all