Translation to English Help PLZ

Hello my friends,
I need some help translating some messages plz. It will be much appreciated for the help.

Thank you so so much if you can help me.

3chra twila
twila bezaf
kent bahgi ntfela 3lik ngolek xkon Hamed? sa3a balch hhh
3rftak mn i’invitation
ewa kidayr, rak tbedelti 3la li kan3erfek, ma3endi maytsalek. kidayra m3a dik blad.
Kif tbdalt?
mohim tbedelti kheliha haka. 3yit mankteb o nmse7
ma kaynch khliha haka. Kat3rfni mantfakch
lwa wnta mezayn. Ach kat3awd.
wllahila kolxi bikhir, broda o telj o twahext tunis. nas bagha tehreb o ana baghi nerje3.
kolna twhchna iblad ma kaynch fhalha.
wa yeeeh, fo9ach akhir mera hberti?

Plz help me. Thx u so much.

Long friendship
very long
I wanted to joke with you by saying who is Hamed? But there’s no need hahaha
I knew it was you from the invitation
So how is it going, you changed for how much I know you, bravo. How is it going in that country
How did I change?
Well you changed, let it that way. I got tired of writing and erasing
There isn’t let it that way. You know I don’t give up, may god guide you.
So, are you fine?. What’s up with you?
I swear to god everything’s fine, it’s really cold and I miss Tunisia. People run away from there and I want to go back. Everyone of us miss the country, there is no country alike.
Yeah, when was the last time that you “talked/came here”(idk what’s hberti, maybe hderti or hbeti)