translation thanks


*jatek = u got it / ok
*BRAWA = ?
*DIAL = of / belongs to
*SECURITE (French) = security
*SOCIALE (French) = social
*C BN i.e C’est bon (French) = it’s good / cool!
*LE DOSSIER (French) = the file

if u mean by Tkabile ‘’ t9abel ‘’ = to care of

can t9abel also mean to meet in darija or no?

yes it can…it’s actually t9abl, but t9abel sounds more correct than t9abil :slight_smile:

so i get 1/2 credit?

for me to write ‘e’ in darija or any arabic is too ambiguous, the sound that ‘e’ makes in roman letter languages, at times is an ‘a’ sound, and at times is an ‘i’ sound…for me, arabic has three short vowels, three long vowels, they are ‘a’, ‘i’, ‘ou’. is that wrong.

ive never heard t9abl used as to meet in darija :S
we need another native here :slight_smile:

t9abl can also mean to face sth/someone…