Translation Request

i need the translation for this word please fehnikatek thanks

Hello Sofiya, please drop a line to introduce yourself in the new members section.

F = In.
7nikat = Cheeks.
F 7nikatk = In your cheeks.

Thank you so much …my fiance…sends me some darija words everyday…and some i dont know…he thinks i can’t find out what they mean .hahah…i don’t tell him how I find out. It makes him crazy…we are far from each other…he’s in morocco…so these are little ways to lighten things when we miss each other…thanks for the translation…

You’re welcome :). The forum is now your secret place :D, you can come back any time to ask about what he thinks is a mystery to you ;).
Don’t be shy, and go introduce yourself :). At least let us know where you are writing from, if you don’t mind.