translation request

Hi Darija, would you please translate it to me in moroccan language? thanks!

A Natural High

What else could bring you so much joy
As the arrival of your baby boy!
His snuggly charms now capture you;
He’s in your thoughts in all you do.

Nothing can fill you so full of glee
As bouncing your little boy on your knee.
His precious antics please mom and dad;
He’s a bundle of blessings, this little lad!

His boyish grin enchants everyone;
He’s just what you wanted–your boy, your son.
A baby boy is a natural high,
So have lots of fun with your little guy.

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oups i cant :s … im not a professional :^^: by translating this to darija its gonna lose all its beauty

lets wait for the other natives maybe we have a poet here :stuck_out_tongue:

mad is right 4 once

looool just once :stuck_out_tongue: what about the open door hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

what door??? :hap: