Translation request please

My future mother in law is returning to Casablanca, so I would like to say a few things to her before she at the airport. Obviously its me a guy, saying this to an older lady.

Would someone mind translating the following:

Thank you for coming to visit Dubai. It made Laila and Hind very happy to have you come and see them. Have a safe trip home and please say hello to your husband and son for me. I hope I see you again soon.

Thanks, thats it!

Sure :slight_smile:


Shukran 3la ziyartk l Dubai. Laila w Hind fr7o mlli jiti w shftihom. Triq ssalama w sllmi liyya 3la rajlk w wldk. W in sha Allah nshofk tani qariban.

Is that easy to read?

Suggestion: Replace rajlk by “Ssi X” (Mister X, X = his name of course) and wldk by her son’s name. That would be better.

Thanks very much.

Ok I’ll replace with thier names. You are right, sounds much better.

You’re welcome :).