translation request of some words

could you please translate this for me… i understand some of it but i need to understand it in full
ana dima m3ak
walkin entina mache rajel
nawfal de

i thax you and await you reply

n3ma - grace
ama - as for
ana dima m3ak - I am always with you
yak - isn’t it? - A question tag
nawfal - This is a masculine name!
walkin entina mache rajel - but you’re not a man
nawfal de - Nawfal of…
waja - This has a typo, it should be “wakha”, and it means okay.
3lik - on you. But wakha 3lik together is meant as a warning, or a blame.

I hope this helps.

thanx so much for your time to translate this message it doesn[t really make sense to me …
my boyfriend is moroccan and he is in morocco sometimes his family use his messenger and this was said to me one night when i thought i was talking to him… i talk to him in spanish as i live in spain and thats where we met… now i am learning arabic but through my native tongue rather than spanish translate… thanx again…
peace be with you michelle.x

I thought that you meant them as separate words in separate contexts.
Can you post them as they were sent to you? That will change the meaning.

hi again
that is how it was posted to me i left out one word after nawfal de … as i know it is a rude expression begin with letter z
as i do not want to affend any one…
but how i sent it to you was how it was written to me
thanx michelle

Yeah, I know, I am the one who told you that by e-mail :).
So it’s something like…

As for me, I am always with you. Isn’t that right, Nawfal? Isn’t that right? But you’re not a man… You ****. Shame on you.

many thanx a strange message :hm: