Translation request into darija

Hello I wonder if you could translate something for me into Moroccan it would be a great help, many thanks

Hello my love, I am missing you so very much, and my heart aches for you all the time, but I cannot wait till I see you again, I will love you always and I am very proud to be engaged to you and become your fiance.

Hello Debs67. Why don’t you introduce yourself over here?

Your message is meant to be for a man? Or you’re the man? Sorry, I couldn’t guess.

Oh I am sorry:^^: My name is Debbie, yes its for a man, and I am going back out to see him and meet his family in February and very nervous.

I thought of Debs as from Debbie at first sight, but didn’t want to make any mistakes. You still can introduce yourself in the new comers forum to which I gave you a link above :).

Alors, here is your translation:

Ssalam 7obbi. Tw77shtk bzzaf, w bghit nshoufk tani dghya. Ghadi dima nbghik, w ana fakhora 7it wllit lkhatiba dyalk.

Very short, had to cut off some sentences:

  • My heart aches --> Didn’t find a proper way to say it. It was sound as a heartache :hap:.
  • Can’t wait to see you --> No equivalent expression in Darija, and a literal translation would be awkward.

Final result:
Hello my love. I miss you a lot, and I want to see you again soon. I will always love you, and I am proud to be your fiancée.

Hope this helps. See you around.

That is fantastic thank you so much,
I followed you link have and have introduced myself
thanks again

Just a question: Does “proud to be your fiancée” refer to the past or the future?
I translated it as the past, now I think that you’re getting engaged and not already engaged, right?

Yes when I go out next, that is when we are getting engaged, he has text me back and i wonder if you could translate it for me, I thought I was being clever.

Hta ana fakhor bik hit radi tkoni lkhatiba dyali

many thanks

Err… I asked to make sure I translated correctly, because I thought you were talking about engagement like it already happened. So I had translated it as “I am proud of being your fiancé”, I should have put it in the future.

Anyways, he replied saying:
“I too am proud of you because you will be my fiancée”.

Hi, I hope you are well?
I just ordered the Moroccan basic language with the CD so hopefully it will be here anyday, do you know of any other books that will help me learn the language?

just look here

Also another favour.
Could you translate the following for me into Moroccan?

Good night my love, sweet dreams, I love you and miss you more with each day.