translation por favor

My son will be traveling to Morocco for the first time and I will be sending along some photos with a dedication. Will you please help me? Thanks!

My dearest grandmother, here I give you some photos of me so that you can enjoy while I am not in your presence. I thank God everyday for you and grandfather. Blessings and forever your grandson, Ayoub.

i guess you are writing this to an older woman in morocco who does not speak english or french? in this case, if you want her to be able to read it, writing in roman characters is not going to help you. my suggestion is that either your son finds someone who writes arabic that you know there, or that he goes to a public scribe like you can find in the medina of casa or rabat and other cities (it is their job to write official documents in arabic or french for those who cannot write). this message seems like it should be written in classical arabic also, and not moroccan dialect. if he prints out what i write below and brings it with him, someone can write it on the photos for him and fix any mistakes, or help him re write and print on a computer.

you could print this out and attach it along with the photos-- i wouldnt recommend copying it yourself by hand if you have no arabic knowledge. and if that is your last resort, they will surely understand and appreciate what i wrote-- but best to have someone check it over first in my opinion.

anyway, my attempt

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Thank you so much for taking the time and for the suggestions. I greatly appreciate your help!

Pretty good fus7a there. So the older folks would understand fus7a better than the english text Arabic?