translation plzzz...syukran in advance

how could you?
how dare you?
Why are you so naughty?
Are you crazy?
Are you still busy?
Have you taken your breakfast?
Please don’t go!
What a surprise!
The line is still busy
Are you serious?
Don’t make me angry.


how could you? = kifach 9derti !!!
how dare you? = z3ama hadi
Why are you so naughty? = 3lach nta basl ? 3lach nta khbit ?
Are you crazy? = nta 7me9 ? nta hbil ? nta mseté ? …
Are you still busy? = rak mazal mechghoul ?
Have you taken your breakfast? = fterti ?
Please don’t go! = 3afak matmchich
What a surprise! = 3la mofaja2a
The line is still busy = lkhet mazal mech’ghoul
Are you serious? = wach bneytk ? wach besse7 ? wach serieu ?
Don’t make me angry. = mat9ele9nich , matele3lich dem , matke3inich , matele3lich l9erda lste7



:^^: how did u find it ? authentic hein ? :hap:

matele3lich l9erda lste7 … hi hi…what does it mean?

syukran? norhayuza you’re definitely asian right? probablyyyyy malaysian or indo…

haaaahaaaa i’m such a noooooob
it says malaysia as your location
somebody slap me
i need to open my eyes

sorry about that norhayuza

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me me me me i can do it :stuck_out_tongue:

no no norh has to do it coz i owe him an apology
sir nta

him :s
i thought it was a girl

could be