translation pleaz

Salam !
Could anyone please translate this sms in english please…
shoukran bzzaf

salam a khti fatima kidayra ra kolchi bikhir hnaya ra kablo lia l visa f almanya baki daba ghir sifara dial lmaghrib hna f rabat thlay f rasak

Hello my sister Fatima, how’re you doing, everything is alright here, they’ve accepted my VISA in Germany, still only the Moroccan embacy here in Rabat. Take care of yourself.

Hey, i don’t mean to be nosy; if memory servs you’re that “visa problems” couple ? well, i’m glad for you :ok: goodluck :hap:

Yes Paperbird :ok: you are right we are that couple with Visa-Problems :^^:
Ya they accept the visa here in germany, still the consulate in Rabat has to give their OK now…I wish it all will be good in the end…I swear we are waiting now since February just to be together and u can be sure u go crazy when the only thing u can do is just waiting all the time…
thx for translation again…the sms was sent by my husband to my wonderful sister in law she´s in saudi arabia…
by the way u are a wonderful forum :okay:


I think i can imagine how its like :blush: i hope all goes well :slight_smile:

thank u Paperbird…i hope too…i let u know what happened in the end :ok:

bye for now silke