Translation please

I would like to translate this text in french or english

Thanks in advance

Here is the text…kanaktablak walakine hatta haja makatwaslek ma3raftch 3lach
likanaktablak kayarja3li wakha ana en ligne wantina en ligne
wa 3yit manaktablak dima walakine hatta haja makatwaslak ktabt
lmouna w koulthalha ma3raftch wach kalathalek walla la aba
kanchoufak en ligne wkanaktablak w hatta ana en ligne walike
koulchi kayarja3lilmouhim ana hamdollah bikhir wa3la khir
ntouma kidayrine wach tsalahti m3a hafid walla mazal

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And here is your translation:
I write to you, but you don’t get anything, I don’t know why I receive back everything I write to you, even though I am online, and you are online. I write to you all the time, but you receive nothing. I wrote to Mona and I told her about that, I don’t know if she told you or not. I see you online and I message you while I am online too, but everything is bounced back to me. Anyways, I am fine, what about you all? Did you reconcile with Hafid or not yet?

I hope this helps :).