translation please!!!!!

Hi im gonna be in Morocco in august visiting some friends, and i really need to know some words so i can get out from the airport im afraid im gonna get lost is it pretty big? i hope not hahaha :^^:
where is the exit?
which way should i go?
where is the restroom?
I need some directions

Hi how are you today?
how’s your day going?
I don’t feel good
i’ll see you tomorrow
I feel tired
I wanna go to sleep

What airport are you going to arrive in? Don’t worry, it’s an airport, the staff will sure be speaking English after all! Besides, just follow the flow of people :^^:, you’ll find the exit.

where is the exit? = Fîn nqdr nkhroj?
which way should i go? = Fîn khâSSnî nmshî?
where is the restroom? = Fîn kâyna toilette? :hap:
I need some directions – Can you reformulate that?

Hi how are you today? = Ki dâyr lyôm? (Masculine). Dâyra for feminine, and dâyrîn for plural.
how’s your day going? = Kî dâz nhârk? (= How did your day go?)
I don’t feel good = Mâ 7assâsh brâsî wâsh mzyâna lyôm. [Assuming that you’re a girl]
i’ll see you tomorrow = Ntshâwfô ghddâ.
I feel tired = Anâ 3iyyâna shwiyya. (it means Sick too)
I wanna go to sleep = Bghît nmshî nen3s.

By the way, you can check greetings over here too.

I’ll be arriving in casablanca, thanks for the help appreciated a lot hey by the way what city r u from?

I am from Agadir.