translation please

daha lbato
raha donzji
rabkat dfar
terrika 3yanna
el hemma
li sabgha


7etta - until (i think!)

the rest i have no clue about, sorry

thanks :okay:

you’re welcome, although i did nothing. we’ll wait for the real moroccans to come and help :slight_smile:

Some words are spelled in a way hard to guess. Did you transcribe them? Or copy paste them?

daha lbato - daha lbito, he took her/it to his room
raha donzji - rahan donji/danger, she is dangerous
tahelbi/thelbi - ?
mesghougha - If it’s meshghoula then it means busy in the feminine form. If it’s as you typed it, then I don’t know…
menzouga - ?
rabkat dfar - Rakbat dfar, she put on nails.
terrika 3yanna - Bad kids, but it depends on the context, it might mean something else
7etta - until. Thanks LA.
el hemma - the will
li sabgha - that she painted/tainted
le3zjien - le3jin, dough.

woooowwwww :blink: thank you so much! you’re the besttt:D