Translation please

Could someone translate this for me please?

kif rak twahshtak bezzzaffffffffffffffff kerat meli tsawri
welit kol nehar wa9if 9balti sarjim ntsanak gher toli bech 9albi yertah kol li ach men wa9t ktkoni online bach nechat me3ak a zin deyali

Thank you for assistance

Hello Natasha. Welcome to the forum! Please feel free to introduce yourself in the new members section.

I don’t see what the word “kerat” means, but your message goes like:

“How are you doing? I miss you a lotttttt. Kerat when you took a photo of you. I stand by the window every day now waiting for you to just look out, for my heart to be relieved. Tell me at what time you go online, for me to chat with you, my beautiful girl.”

LooooL someone’s in Luuurve :stuck_out_tongue: