Translation PLEASE very quick

Darooori Iwa7ad kaydawaaz dik
mar7alaa fa7yaato

Whahiya daazaaat

Ta ana db ghir graya w sd

Darooori Iwa7ad kaydawaaz dik==it’s necessary that everyone goes through that
mar7alaa fa7yaato== phase in his life

Whahiya daazaaat== and here it is, it passed

Ta ana db ghir graya w sd== and here i am now minding my (graya w sd " i don’t really know what he meant by it, maybe it’s another dialect from another Moroccan region")

Thank you so much! I was very close on my own traslation. Wanted a confimation.

Perhaps graya is qraya (studying). Sometimes Q is pronounced as G in certain regions.