Translation please shokrun bzzzzfff

A small translation please please

9lbi m7roug ki bros
Kybaliya madi
7llit ktaBi wbin ydiya ou b.f
I9ito fadip

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LOL, :laughing: is that poetry?

My heart is grille like bros (i don’t know what mean by “bros” is it actor or someone else

I see the past

i open my book by my hand and … oh

I find it empty

Hhhhhh yes its a song by a new song writer. There is more to it but I translated most the rest. I am seeing if it can also make sense for an English song. Not just Darija.
Thank you so so much for your time.

I think the first line is my heart is burning embers.
Maybe typos as well.
:palms_up_together:t3::grin:Shokrun bzf bzf

Smhili, I didn’t mean to correct you. Only to say Thank for your help. I am from US. I have a little knowledge of Darija. As I am studying.
Thanks again, this site helps me learn more and more.