Translation of word "Karni"

I am a Moroccan, i speak Darija. but i heard a word i don’t understand in a song.(

he says:

“Li farret f’7arf 3aref s3ib yefhamni
Hadak ghi 3a9li mseda3 F’calme w f’sda3 mcalmé
Rja3t n’Karim nkarni KDK, Rja3t n’KDK w nkarni Karim
W b9it 7asal, fhamni”

(for context his real name is “Karim” and his artist name is “KDK”)

What does he mean by “karni”? i’ve never heard this word before. and everyone i ask either has never heard of the word or they say it means “notebook” but that doesn’t fit this context so it cant be right?