Translation of engraving on sword

please can anyone help i know nothing about this but it may be arabic ? or maybe not . please can someone take a look , i would be gratefull for any information .
pictures at

There’s absolutely no way of reading this through a video or a photo I tried. Also you filming from left to right my brown can’t make sense of it zoom in some more and start from
The right to the left please since it’s Arabic …

Thankyou for your reply . i will try to get a clearer picture tomorrow in daylight and from right to left !

Thankyou so much for taking the time to look at this. i have cleaned it more and taken new pictures these i think are better .


I tried again very hard and it seems tht the person is using Arabic letters but in the case of what it seems to be letter ت or ن they’re being added the little dot on top to make the difference between both in a way where you cannot tell them apart. I could see a ال which is the equivalent of The then the letters T or N (can’t tell them apart for the above reasons)

Allow me to try one more time using a huge desktop I have at my friend s office tomorrow morning ok?

Thankyou for your efforts , maybe it is just too worn to see properly .
Mik e