Translation: Ka tibighiny wl leela

Hello all,

I’m new here and interested in Moroccan and Algerian dialects. I would like to know how the above can be translated into English. It is a line from a Moroccan song. Thanks in advance!

It means : do you love me or not ? (i know the song, but i like the old traditional one, way cooler)

The right spelling would be like this: ka tbghini wla la,
ka tbghini = you love me/do you love me
wla = or
la = no/not

clear ? :slight_smile:

oh wow I had no idea! so isnt there any use of 7ub in Darja?

and which is the old version sung by?? hehe :slight_smile:

Honestly i have no idea who sung the old one, but its played well withan old Moroccan style, not a pop/orental-like style.

About “7ub” , it can be used in Darija, its just that “kanbghik” (i love you) is more common, & sounds more normal than “kan7ebbek” (the same meaning)
we can still say “7ub” for “love”, theres’ no other word for that, unlike the verb.