translation help please

Could you please tell me what this says:

  1. rah ka nehma9 3elik
  2. rah tewahhachtek ,wakha ntia ila ma 3iyet ana ma t3iyti
  3. rir ma kaye3jebnich meni ka t3erfi chi hed aaakhour
  4. ma 3ajebnich lhal ou nti redbana

Thanks so much!!

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As for your request, here are the translations:

  1. rah ka nehma9 3elik = I am crazy about you.
  2. rah tewahhachtek ,wakha ntia ila ma 3iyet ana ma t3iyti = I missed you… Even with the fact that if I don’t call, you never do. Meaning that this person blames the other for never thinking about calling, and the first is the one who always does. [Just in case I didn’t express it right].
  3. rir ma kaye3jebnich meni ka t3erfi chi hed aaakhour = I just don’t like it when you know someone else.
  4. ma 3ajebnich lhal ou nti redbana = I didn’t like it when you were mad at me.

There you go!

Thank you sooo much.
Could you help me with these as well…

  1. ye3ni ka t3erfi chi hed aakhour
  2. daba ntiya wakhda hadchi beddahk…koulchi
  3. koun kan ri dakchi ,ga3 ma nkoun me3ak daba. nti 3arfa rah ga3 me 9esstek
  4. goutlik raki ka …ouakhdaha dehk…kiyti ana ma l9at li yat3ara 3eliya
  5. madam be3id 3elik…rani galess bouhdi…meni kanetfekrek ka nebri nehmak

Thanks again!!!

Sure. By the way, these sentences seem to be said by a man to a women.

  1. ye3ni ka t3erfi chi hed aakhour = So you do know someone else.

  2. daba ntiya wakhda hadchi beddahk…koulchi = So now you’re not taking this seriosly… everything.

  3. koun kan ri dakchi ,ga3 ma nkoun me3ak daba. nti 3arfa rah ga3 me 9esstek = If it was just that, I wouldn’t be with you now. You know that I didn’t mean you.

  4. goutlik raki ka …ouakhdaha dehk…kiyti ana ma l9at li yat3ara 3eliya
    goutlik raki ka = I told you that you… (it seems that the verb was taken away).
    ouakhdaha dehk = you are not taking it seriosly.
    kiyti ana ma l9at li yat3ara 3eliya = It’s poor me who can not find someone to… for me
    The word"yat3ara" that I didn’t put in the sentence means to get naked… But I am not sure if that’s what’s meant here. Sometimes we use the expression “3rri 3la ktafek” = uncover your shoulders, meaning to get to work. So maybe the person means that there is no one to support him/her. I am not sure about this.

  5. madam be3id 3elik…rani galess bouhdi…meni kanetfekrek ka nebri nehmak = As long as I am away from you… I sit/stay alone… When I remember you, I almost lose my mind.

A friend of mine is having some problems with her husband talking to girls back home. She is american and he is moroccan. She wants to know the following:
Do you know he is married?
He has nothing to offer you, no money, no job and doesnt have his green card yet.

I am trying to get her to join, but no luck yet. I feel bad for her she works hard to take car of his kids and secure his future.

Pretty clear to guess from your former translation requests. And trust me, your friend is not the only one experiencing this situation.

Here is your translation, addressed to one woman:
Wash 3rftih wash mjwwj?
Ma 3ndo ma y3tik, la flôs, la khdma, w mâzâl 7tta ma 3ndo lwrâq.

I replaced the green card by papers, which is the term we use. Your friend is welcome to join in.

Your friend is in a sad situation, but I think she must talk to her husband first !

She said Thank!!! She said she did speak with her husband but no luck. I told her to be patient. I had the same problem with my husband but alot worse. I found a video of him on our home computer of him being intimate with a girl in Morocco the first time I visited there. It was especially bad because I found I was pregnant at the time. But I was patient and forgiving and he opened his eyes to his family.

I am starting to wonder how many mixed Moroccan-American marriages actually work? This is not the first time I hear such things about Moroccan men married to American women. Do things go wrong only when marriage was for the green card at the first place, or is cheating depedant from that? I wonder!

I agree that this is an issue that pops up. I had a similar experience with a Middle Eastern man. Then I dated a Moroccan guy for 2 years, and he played no such games, even though we did not have the intention of getting married. I think he is just a mature person. We had so many situational differences, like age, life position, etc., but we always respect each other.

This does not apply to all, but I think many American women take culture for granted when they date men from other countries. They think it’s cute but don’t really learn and apply it. I think that it is undeniable that there are differences in gender perspectives and perceptions between cultures, and these, along with other differences, absolutely must be considered in a serious relationship. I think each person should learn about the other culture and honestly ask themselves what they will not change for any reason, and what they are willing to compromise.

That being said, infidelity is an international occurrence. Perhaps those unfaithful men from other countries just think that they can get away with certain things because the women don’t understand the language, culture, etc.

In any case, I would also be extremely careful about dating someone without a green card.

Its true about the cultural differences. I am pretty sure my husband had originally married me for the green card. He wanted to marry a Muslim American and found me. We were married within 3 months and started his papers immediately. I trusted him and was sincere about out marriage. After 5 months I found him emailing old girlfriends in Morocco inappropriate messages and asked him to stop. He became verbally abusive but I was still forgiving. Then I became pregnant and found the video I mentioned earlier- he tried telling me it was from before we were married but he was wearing jewelry that told the time.

My friends issue is that her husband is now wanting to go to Morocco without her and the kids. She isnt sure what to do.

There is a woman from my previous job that found out her husband was already in Morocco with a child. She found that woman and talked with her. His first wife though he was here on a work visa trying to get his papers.

Sorry I guess I needed to vent some things. Thanks for the advice and listening.

Wow that is intense. Having kids makes things a big issue, as I’ve seen secondhand. I don’t have children so I can’t imagine how hard the choices are to make.

You know, I have also heard of that third situation several times, about men that leave their wives overseas waiting for them while they come here and get married or have an otherwise good time. I feel terrible for those women. (tho I do want to sidenote that I do understand women are far from the only victims of bad relationships)

Really, I think men are mostly all the same i.e. hormonal. To me it’s just human nature. But they must control some things if they want to settle down. If a man isn’t serious, I don’t know what anyone can do to make him be so (not even having kids!). Some just don’t know how to be honest. I think some of them are just plain afraid, like my [not Moroccan] ex.

It is understandable that you need to vent. I think it is important that you and your friends keep talking to other supportive people, and keep your friends close. What you think and feel matters.

It’s true that women, in both sides of the ocean, are not always just victims. They are victims when a man lives a double life, telling the one back home that he is going abroad to work, and telling the one abroad that he is single and free. Sometimes, there is a kind of agreemnt! He would divorce the first promising her a better life, and goes abroad looking for a wife who will be paying for the better life.
But when girls in Morocco know that the man is married and still go on with the relationship, then they are not innocent, nor is the guy who is playing on both sides. And when an American woman is getting involved in a relationship with a man with a low level of education, jobless, and clearly just looking for a way out of Morocco, then she is to be blamed for not considering seriosly her situation. But with all the attention and “love”… love is just blind, huh?

right right, it’s also up to the women to see what’s going on. Some American women do this with bum American men as well, I mean take on responsibility for them. We all just have to know what we want and what we should expect for ourselves.

I forgot to mention, that from this side the bad relationships are not entirely universal. We do know a few Moroccan man / American girl couples who are not yet married but their relationships look pretty stable and even happy as any relationship can be. Maybe cultural differences may become a problem that they hopefully work out, but I could not imagine those guys doing something underhanded.

hi everyone i am new too. i had a baby with a moroccan man. we never married because he lied to me and it turns out he was already married to another woman for greencard. now he is with an evil moroccan woman. he does not see his son but 2 times in his whole life.

why moroccan men don’t care? i don’t understand. but alas i want to teach my son some darija the best i can.

I meant “independent”.

Welcome to SpeakMoroccan.
It wouldn’t be fair to say that ALL Moroccan men do not care, would it? Not all your hand’s fingers are the same, as an Arabic saying goes.

Wow, that’s nice :). So you’ll have to learn Darija first in order to teach it to your son. How old is he by the way?

he is 2. i am very busy but i hope to find time for this.