Translation Help needed Please

Could someone please be ever so charming and translate this for me…Shokran very much

kidayre?yake labass alike?gadi nati like l msn dyale ouhd nassrania katkalbe ala rajle,chouf maaha.ok walakine matgoulche liha rah ana li atitake l msn dyalha =ok ila briti nbkaw shabe.

hada houwa lms dyalha,choufe maha.

If its rude or embarrasing please dont worry


I had to edit your message to hide the e-mail address, for the person’s own privacy.

Here is the translation:
[b]"How are you? Is everything alright? I’ll give you the msn address of a foreign lady that is looking for a man (to be with/ a husband), okay? But don’t tell her that I am the one who gave you her msn, if you want us to stay friends, okay?

That’s her msn, try with her."[/b]

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Blessings SimplyMoroccan