translation help 'I am alone.'?

translation help needed please, shoukran

‘welakin doumaj ana bouhdi mahtaj lik’

mahtaj - ??need

‘but too bad, i’m alone/lonely & i’m in need of you’

shoukran, I am grateful, bzaff, for this:

doumaj = ‘too bad’ ? [I was reading it as domage!]

also ‘ma’ in ‘mathaj’ - I read a previous post re use of ‘ma’ but can’t find it now … how do you tell if it is a negative or not?

Domage is french & that’s the right spelling.

for ‘ma’ , u can tell that it’s the negative tool when its not a part of the word, as in Ma 3arfsh (i don’t know), as in th ecase for mahtaj, the righr arabic spelling is mO7taj, but the ‘O’ (the vowels) are often thrown in Darija, so it should’ve been m7taj (regardless the ‘7aa’ letter is written as ‘7’ or ‘H’).

I hope that was clear.


I am intrigued that, despite the variety of spellings & French/Spanish/Berber words in Darija, you can accurately translate messages into other languages colloquially - thank you again

jjjjjjjjjjjj bzaf 3la ‘doumaj’