Translation from English to Moroccan Darija

pls translate all this message:
How are you?
Are you still studying?
Where do you live?
What is your name?
How old are you?
Where we will go?
Can you please show me the market?

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Hello Roxan, you still don’t want to tell us a little bit about yourself? :hap:

Is your message meant to be for a boy or girl? I’ll put both versions anyways:

How are you?

– Male: Kidayr?
– Female: Kidayra?

Are you still studying?
– Male: Baqi katqra
– Female:Baqi katqray?

Where do you live?
– Male: Fin sakn?
– Female:Fin sakna?

What is your name?

For both: Ashno smiytk?

How old are you?
For both: Sh7al f 3mrk?

Where we will go?
Fin ghadi nmshiw?

Can you please show me the market?
– Male: Tqdr 3afak twrrini fin ja ssouq?
– Female: Tqdri 3afak twrrini fin ja ssouq?

im so glad that i found this web site. thank you for your translation. pls translate this qoutes.
twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. so throw off the bowlines. sail away from the safe harbour. catch the trade winds in your sails. explore, dream, discover.
la vie est si precieuse, donc etre heureux et apprecier chaqueet chaque seconde du temps…

You’re welcome.

Mn hna 3shrin 3am, ghadi ykhib l2amal dyalk f l7awyj lli ma drtish, mashi l7wayj lli derti.

That is some sailing vocabulary I am not much familiar with, I am afraid my translation will sound silly/funny.
So I’ll skip the first sentence.
explore, dream, discover. = STatl3, 7lm, ktashf.

I guess it’s “chaque minute/moment et chaque seconde”. There was a word missing there.
L7ayat zwina bzzaf, khass lwa7d ifr7 w yqddr jolla dqiqa w kolla taniya.

I hope this helps.

A small mistake ^^ j is near k in the keyboard

Thanks Meriem, it’s nice to have you around checking :). Sometimes small typos slip ino unoticed. It reminds me of a text from a reading book from primary school. “When a mistake slips into the students writings”. Remember it? Yaah!

I don’t remember it Asmaa, was it in Arabic? and wich class? maybe these informations will refresh my mind.

In Arabic for sure, but I don’t remember in which class exactly.
Shame on you not remembering :P. Try harder!

I really don’t remember :frowning: I have a big black memory hole !!