translation for some sentences of a dialogue :)

hi to all out there…i’d like to have these sentences translated

makantch 3arfa bli nta mzawaf 3 ans hadi

hiya m9abia 3lia cha7al min 7aji
7tal chi nhar wantasil bik wa n3awd likkolchi

swina bsaf tswira

I did not know that you have been married for three yearz now.

She is hiding a lot of things from me

One day, I will call you and tell you everything

a beautiful photo

sorry aflatoun i’m asking you a stupid question, pardon…:plz: but “she is hiding a lot of things from me” it means hiding details of my own life to other people or hiding me things from her life so i don’t know about her so well?

It means, she is hiding a lot of things about her life from you… ( she is secretive of a sort, I suppos)