Translation for me pls

Hello, I’m the new here to learn darija.
Could someone help me to translate these sentences between 2 friends?
I would like to know what’s the relationship between them?
Thanks so much!
A:Iwa jibtili fb dik l3ayl li 9otlk.
B:Xmn 3ayla
A:Li sakn tijah d rwa. Kate9ra f lbac katmxi b x3ar isma monya wa9ila
B:Wax li sakna
A:Katnzel ghr hna fo9 sabil d mzmiziya
B:Hiya 9sisra xwiya
B:Li kijiw n hoda. Db ana kantakad wax hadi li f bali.
A:Mane3raf. Hiya 9sisra w ghlita wxiyax katmxi b x3ar wkat3adl makyaj.
B:Sf 3rafta
A:Iwa 3la slamtk
B:Ba3da xa3ra maxi k7al yak. Lah isalmk
A:Xa3ra khal katenzl fo9sabila katmxi tijah d lghaba.
Tri9 li katsafi tijah d 9ahwa d 3abdellah
B:Ah li anda khtaha xa3ra z3ar. Sf sf 3raftq. A
A:Iwa hadik
B:Hiya kqta3ml makyqj. A . Daymqn. A
A:Wa hadik
B:Iwa ana mara lawla kont kanahdarlk eliha. Na3tik instagram. Dyala.
A:Fb ma3andaxi.
B:Isma amal wakila. Ana nxof.
A: Xof w Rod 3liya
B:Ana andi db hi instagram.

It looks like A and B are friends. Not sure what their genders are.
The entire conversation is about a girl A asked B to find. So they talked about what she looked like, where she goes to school, whose sister she is, etc. Once they established B knows what girl A is talking about, B got her Instagram.

Thanks so much for your help. So B knows also this girl?

Yes, they both know her. A thought the girl’s name was Monya, but B said maybe her name is Amal.


B:yo whassup!

A: so did u get Facebook of the girl I told u about?

B: what girl?

A: she lives around “rwa” , she is a senior, she leaves her hair loose,her name is Monya I guess…

B: does she live in …

A: she comes just here around “sabil mzmiziya”

B: she is little be short


B: she is related to Hoda’s family, just making sure if she is the in my mind!

A: idk. She is short and chubby and she has loose hair and she wears makeup

B: oh okay i knew her…


B: wait her hair isn’t black right?

A: her hair is black and she goes to fo9sabila , around the forest , that area where is 3abdellah’s coffeehouse

B: oh the one which her sister has a blond hair. Okay okay I knew her.


B: she always wears makeup

A: yup exactly

B: i was talking about her since beginning of the conversation. Do you want her Instagram?

A: you don’t have Facebook?

B: i guess her name is Amal, let me check

A: okay and let me know!

B: now I got only Instagram.

Thanks my friend for your help.

Thanks for sharing it. I have seen about to make coffee easily. You also check here how to use nespresso machine.

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