Translation for "chedatni" and "nari"


I was wondering what the words below mean?

“chkoun hadi”



heyy emily :slight_smile: if im not mistaken “chedatni” is got hold of me, “nari” is just a saying like oh my days (dont know where your from but in the uk id translate it as aoh my days lol), “makatsalich” is you dont deserve it, and “chkoun hadi” is whos that :slight_smile: but id wait and see what toher members put up too just to make sure im right :slight_smile:

Oh thank Lella! :slight_smile:

So does “nari” have a good or bad meaning? I guess it means oh my gosh or something…:slight_smile:

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

your welcome :slight_smile: and narii can be used either way, like oh my gosh, you can say it when something happend thats bad, or something good :slight_smile:

makatsalich = u dont pray
makatsahlich = u dont deserve

lella ita was confused between the two words prolly cz “h” is sometimes silent in english