Translation few words.

mounasaba -
benasbal -
3awjok 3lia -
mhawal/m3awal -
elfo9sa -
7o9ra -
traffik -
mdamr -

I want to know what these words mean

thank you for your help :wink: xx


sorry wish i could help more…maybe some i just dont recognize b/c of spelling or no context…dafir or aflatoun someone should have more…

mounasaba could be an occasion or happening as a noun, also could be an adjective to mean appropriate

benasbal is a phrase - b (with) nisba (regards) l (to) - with regards to or in terms of

7o9ra if you are hearing like ‘7ogra’ in morocco then it is probably not a ‘9’ but rather the amazigh hard ‘g’ sound (in arabic script we would choose like a kaf with 3 dots)…7ogra as far as i define it means like a struggle or oppression

traffik is from the french, literally meaning like commerce but i mostly have heard it used in morocco to talk about illicit commerce specifically, hashish specifically

hope this helps…mdamr is on the tip of my tongue…:((((

Mounassaba : occasion
3awjok 3liya: they diverge you from me
elfa9ssa: sadness
traffik: trickery, falsification, deception
mdamar: ruined, destroyed
7o9ra: injustice, unfairness

:okay: choukran these are good words for me to learn also!!