Translating an important letter

Hi to all

I’m new here and I just happened to find these forums on my search to find someone who can translate an important letter I intend to write. Since I don’t speak Moroccan I would need someone who is trusted to help me translate a letter I want to write to a woman in Morocco who does not speak any English. If any of you know of any service or a person who can do this for me please leave a post. Thank you very much.

Is it very private? Is it long?
Send me an e-mail if you want to keep it off the forum.

Hi SM, Yes, the letter will be about a page long and yes it is personal. Will you be able to translate it for me?

Not right away though. If you are not in a hurry, I can do it over the weekend.

Ok thank you so much, I will e-mail you the letter. Making it in Moroccan text would be better, I can just copy/paste. Thanks again.

Don’t thank me until you get it done :). I hope to squeeze it in for the weekend.
Just give me a buzz.


Received. Will get back to you pretty soon.

thank you very much XD:okay:

So you received it! Although it was done later than the weekend, but I hope it helps :).