please translate :
salam dsl 3la had retard wallah qlill fach tandkhol l internet natmanna tkoni bien w rajlak w natmana anak wladti chi bogoss walla bogossa fhhalk thlay f rassk bzafff w salmi 3la mamak khalti w khali w nawal w ossama khtak sghiira bye

Here is the translation:

“Hello. Sorry for the delay, I really use the Internet very rarely. I hope that you’re doing well, as well as your husband too. I hope that you gave birth to a cute boy or a cute girl like you. Take care, and send my regards to my aunt, my uncle, Nawal, Ossama, and your little sister. Bye”

Due to the lack of punctuation, I am not sure whether “your little sister” is the message’s signature, or a person included among those who the regards should be sent to.

PS: I think that you are spying on someone :stuck_out_tongue: but I still translated this message for others to learn from it.

thanks a lot.