translate this text message please!!!

i really really hope this is not offensive. my friend wrote it and he refuses to tell me what it says. he is funny but sometimes crude so i am scared…

siri kalbi 3la mn ****

I had to edit your post because it contains bad language. Tell about a crude person!
“Go find someone to … you”
It sounds impolite to me to just vaguely translate this. I guess that you god the idea after all.

uh oh. thanks. i knew it must me something because he wouldn’t tell me what it means. ok sorry. next time i will warn him that i am posting these things on the internet so he better tell!

i hope it was’t too offensive being that it was said by a very very silly person as a joke.

I am not offended because I am not the one it was said to. I had to delete the word because this is a family friendly forum, and I wouldn’t like to see such words used in here. It’s not your fault though.
It wasn’t a silly joke, it was an insult. And yeah, you better tell that person that you can now understand anything he dares to tell you, so that he keeps it clean.