translate text please

ki raki theira a zina jeli …

i know Ki raki is, how are you … zina is beautiful…

Woah… Is this a Moroccan writing this? Or you tried to transcribe something you heard?
Anyways, this looks like “ki raki dayra a zina dyali”, and it means “how are you, my beautiful?”

yeah, thats what he texted me… so i was right, i told him he wrote, how is it, my beautiful !!
so the lessons that i’ve printed here are usefull already !! i even told him that jeli probably should have been dyali !! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yeah he’s a real moroccan, maybe its a dialect or he writes it just easy for me to understand… thnkas anyway !

You figured out just after reading a few lessons? Hats off! You’ll probably rock if you study harder :).
And well, his transcription is quite weird in fact, but Moroccans who were brought up abroad do not transcribe properly somehow…

it wasn’t so difficult, as he always calls me zina, and i just learned about the dyala, dyalk, … and also i knew ki raki ment how are you, i just didn’t figure out theira…

can you please help me with this:

Hey my love, you’re the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last one i think about when i close my eyes for the night.
I sometimes would like to call you just to hear your voice… I miss you now you’re not here. your sweety x

Ki raki is rather Algerian in fact ;).

You don’t have to make the same request twice. I saw your other post :). If I don’t reply there, someone else will probably do it. Just be patient :).