Translate please?


Can you translate these words into English for me? Thanks.

  1. darti blasstak maziane

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Wa 3alaykom assalam :). Welcome to the forum. Please feel free to tell us a little more about yourself in the new comers forum.

You succeeded very well in making a place for yourself, maybe in a company or a family… something like that.

I am not sure, but there is Abidat (3bidat) rrma, which is a musical/dancing traditional band. I wonder if that’s the plural of 3abd, which means slave. Can you provide the full context of the word?

Thanks for responding. I give you more specific on Abidat. There’s this line that says, ’ In small family ABIDAT as you say, one s’ hears and communicates very well between us alhamdo lillah’. This Abidat is what I’m trying to figure out the meaning of it. Can you clarify this for me to understand the meaning of it? I get this all the time as this one, ‘for the abidat small family’. Looking forward to hear from you.

I can’t see any other explanation but Abidat being a family name. The word itself doesn’t mean anything else. Does it fit in the general context?

Somehow, but thanks for being helpful.

You’re welcome :).