Translate please

souel rasek sh7al nta f3oumrek translate in English, please

And what can I answer.


i wish i knew the story behind some of these

ask yourself how old you are
(as in you are acting immature)

what you could answer would depend i guess on the situation, if you agree perhaps that you are acting immature you could say

iwa 3ndak l7a9 khassni nkber 3a9li chouia

yes you are right i need to grow my mind a bit

if you want to make a joke you could say

rani solt w 7ta wa7ed maoujoud

i went and asked but nobody’s home


did you have something else in mind?? hope that helps

Thank you, very much.
You have been helped me :okay:

I took the joke sentence :smiley: to answer her.

PS: The story: A woman wrote a stupid comment about people, so i asked her age.
She behaved childishly.