translate please

I have pen pal on face book thank you guys :slight_smile:
wafin a lalla latifa, labass 3lik, wallah ila twahachtak bezzaff bezzaf…ou twahacht chi glissa m3ak fi cafe…
amnine awsalt wana ghir khedma ,wallah ima glasst htta nhar wahed…ha number diali:
number dialk ma 3ndish rani khalit telefone diali fi elmghrib. iwa thaly lia fi rassek

what’s up latifa, how are you, i swear i missed you so so much… and i missed sitting with you in the cafe.
from where did it arrive i’m still working, i swear … here’s my number:
i don’t have your number, i left my phone in Morocco… so take care of yourself for me.

i’m not sure about the bold bit.

here’s the missing line
I’ve been working all the time since the day I arrived.I haven’t had a single day off