Translate needed, please help me

Hi, Im very new to this language and I would like to ask some help for translate these!

Nti fin mry7a
Adar mafiha maydar
Kon knt knt tma kon bnt andk


Mry7nach ga3 mnin jiti
Tantbachro darori

Hi :slight_smile:

Where are you sitting? (Addressed to a girl)
Potentially also: Where are you staying?

There is nothing to do at home.

If I were there, I would’ve came to you.


We didn’t get to sit/get together at all when you came. (Addressed to a girl)

Not sure what Tantbachro means. This is some slang I never heard before. I guess it means: We should definitely meet up/get together.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help😊

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