translate in english,,,3afek

ana daba radi 3and wald khali =

nti sadi9a rai3a =

rai3a =

help me!! it is important!!!
simply moroccan where are you?

ana daba radi 3and wald khali = i’m staying at my cousin’s [mother’s brother’s son] house ?? [<< that’s a random guess, you wanna check, definitely lol]
nti sadi9a rai3a = you are an amazing friend
rai3a = amazing [for feminine - rai3 is for masculin]

but i would ignore my translation of the first sentence, definitely, i don’t know what ‘daba’ or ‘radi’ means, but wald khali i’m sure is mother’s brother’s sons :slight_smile:
anyone else? :smiley:

after a bit of googling, i THINK ‘ana daba’ means ‘i’m going’ ??
so that’d be ‘i’m going to my cousin’s place’ … still not sure about the radi …
but again, don’t trust me :stuck_out_tongue: i’m sorry about this lol !!

but… what is amazing???:unsure:
what is amazing friend ???



hey abeer, what d’you mean ??
nti means ‘you’
sadi9a means ‘friend [girl]’
and rai3a means ‘amazing’ like wonderful :smiley:

and thanks salma :slight_smile:

salam :slight_smile:

Just for ur infor Tukha :slight_smile: Daba = means= Now / radi= going

E.g : ana radi daba = I am going now

peace !

amazing = wonderful ???
but amazing is a arabic word or english word ??? sorry , i am italian :slight_smile:
tell me!!!

OHHHH sorryyy, sorry sorry sorry :slight_smile:
amazing is an english word, it means like ‘wow’ like really really good …
let me see if i can find the italien word :stuck_out_tongue: … sorprendente ?? meraviglioso ??
forgive me if that makes no sense, i just used google :smiley:

and thanks abdessamad, very much :smiley:
wasalaaam !!

hihih, thanks, chukran,mercì, GRAZIE !!!
you are amazing

Side note: The “radi” spelling is tricky. This is the French spelling used by Moroccans. The r here is not rolled, it’s the equivalent of the Arabic ?, and the French r in “jour”. I usually spell it as “gh”, not to mix it up with “r”.

Tukha, Abdssamad and Salma, thank you for helping :). You’re all sorprendente ;).

yes, radi is ghadi :wink:
chukran simply, nta zwin

Nta zwin is for masculine.
Nti zwina is for feminine.


Oh, sweet! 7tta nti zwina :smiley: (you’re beautiful too). :hap:

awwww chukran abeer :smiley:
everybody’s here to help :hap:
ntil rai3a :wink: