translate 3afek,,, i need your help

i need translation of this phrases, please!!!

c ki toi ù =

wa bou3azza =

rani *** m3ak =

malek? =

wa nta li malek =

wa m**** hada =

wa l**** hdare nichan =

tlla7 a**** =

wa sire t**** =

ana rani rajal m3ak a sahbi ta malak ma9arich =

thanks my friends !!!

Oh! That’s a LOT of bad language, very rude! I had to edit your post.

c ki toi ù = Who are you?

wa bou3azza = Hey, Bo3azza/dude
Bo3azza is either used as a first name, or for dude.

rani *** m3ak = This is *** with you.

malek? = What’s wrong with you?

wa nta li malek = Well, what’s wrong with YOU?

wa m**** hada = You’re really ****.

wa l**** hdare nichan = Hey you dirt, speak correctly. (Or to the point)

tlla7 a**** = Get lost, ****.

wa sire t**** = Go get ****.

ana rani rajal m3ak a sahbi ta malak ma9arich = I am being a man with you, dude. What’s wrong with you, you can’t even read.

ouff too many stars lol

I am the one who put them there. Replace the stars with all the dirty language you know of, and that’s it.
I usually don’t leave such vocabulary on the forum, nor like to translate it. I think Abeer got the whole idea though.

@ Abeer:
If you have problems understanding my translations, let me know to get you again some Italian speaking member of ours to help you.