Traduction of some sentences, please :)

Hello again,
I hope everyone is doing well!
I need some help again, with the traduction of this sentences:

كينين بزاف سلبيات ديال كورونا ولكن خلاتنا نتجمعو معا ناس لكنبغيو

ام هيا احسن هدية من عند الله !

لحداه ماماه يمشي ابوس لها يديها و لكانت فرق مسافة يتاصل بها و لميتا ليه يدعي معاها

Many thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi there :slight_smile:

Corona has many disadvantages, but (the bright side is) it brought us together with the people we love.

The mother is the best gift from God.

Those who are near their mothers, go and kiss their hands. Those who live far from their mothers, go and call them. Those whose mothers are deceased, pray for them.

Once again, many thank! Have a nice day :smile:

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Happy to help :slight_smile:
You too!