traduction d'un texto

Qui peut me traduire ce texto auquel je devrais répondre rapidement? A part 2 ou 3 mots, je n’y comprends pas grand chose
“lili twil ma3endo nihaya o sabri qlil o twahacht wnissi hdaya cham3i dab wana m3a l moktab nfakar fwahed man lahbab”
1000 mercis

Désolé , vous devez attendre lorsque quelq 1 traduit ce je vais ecrire en Anglais …

Traduction :

My night is long without an end, my patience is too little & i miss my “mate” next to me, my candles melted & i’m with the destiny thinking of one of my dear ones.

I’m not sure of the word “mate” fpr “wnissi”, this latter means a person that stays with us so we kill loneliness.

Thanks a lot . Choukran bzaf. Really kind of you to answer so quickly. Enta (enti?) drif bezzaf bach jawbtini dghia. CHOUKAN
Drif bzaf bach