How do you girls find this video?
And how do you guys find this video?

I am almost positive that girls wouldn’t like this video like guys, but I am still curious to hear what you think.

:blink: in thebeginning i thought its some kind of another propoganda of stereotyping muslims, the so called “terrorists”.

before the old woman rise her finger, i was thinking: what is this all about ?!! then i got it !!
this is crazy.

No, it has nothing to do with Muslims.

It’s actually that a passenger airliner makes an emergency landing on the 405 freeway. The freeway was evacuated, and the lonely driver was the only one who was clueless… and there was the old lady too :D.

Hahaha i loved the part when it first showed the granny listening to her classic music and can’t even see in front of her, this was funny… & i think the plane had the french flag colours on it. Thanks for sharing