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Long time no see :). Let me explain in English the word mishwar for you. It means going out for something, an errand. It’s more of a dialectal word, if you ask me. You’d ask someone where they are going, and they will simply tell you “3andi mishwar”, if they don’t want to give you details for example. So a mishwar could be visiting a friend, dropping by the store nearby, getting your passport from the local administration, etc.

I hope this was clear.

oh, hello there SM and ZainUlAbideen,

I have a more MSA take on what the word means. The root is “sh w r”, from which we get ‘mustashar’ and ‘mustashir’ which mean ‘someone seeking consultation’ and ‘someone who is consulted’. There is also a relation to the word ‘shura’, as in the Qur’an, where it describes the believers as ‘wa amruhum baynahum shura’, which, roughly translated, means ‘and their affairs are settled amongst themselves by mutual consultation’. I would translate the sentence as, “And when he realized (felt) that his internal state had not yet settled down he decided it was best to return to his home and postpone the consultation until a later date.” However, I must say that this is a bit of a guess, as I cannot discern what that word which follows ‘la yazal’ is, so I had to make my best guess based on context… it may not be a very good guess at all, actually, but I feel comfortable in saying that the last part of your sentence has be properly translated… I think.

By the way, you were asking about girls names in Arabic last time I noticed a post from you. May I be so bold as to ask if your family has been blessed with a daughter?

Assalamu 'alaykum,

Thank you so much for your replies. Yes, the meaning is now clear to me. I think he is referring to the meeting with a friend which he had planned.

I wish I had more time to hang around here, but unfortunately I have been too busy with my studies to find time for that.
Btw, I now also try to study from my Moroccan Arabic textbook to learn Darija. I like it, although I think the pronounciation is very difficult.

Thank you for asking. But no, my mother had asked me because a friend of her had asked for it.
I wish I was blessed with a daughter :hap:. In the future inshallah.