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:smiley: :smiley: shkaal zwiin

Beautiful forms: Ashkal zwina

u know walla i was thinking to write ashkal at first but then i thought coz moroccans dont use much vowels shkal would probably be the closest, but thanks loubna now its clear :wink:

I thought that you wanted to used the singular: shkl zwîn.
The plural can be as you thought: shkâl zwînîn.

oooh ok so i was partially right… but i guess MSA would be as loubna wrote… thanks

Yes, except that the adjective zwîn is not used in MSA. So that would be: ashkâl jamîla.

hmm i see, thanks again… so askhal jmila in MSA and shkaal zwinin in derja… merci :wink:

ana afham 3rabee shway so bear with me :stuck_out_tongue: