Toolbar - Smilies

Now you can put some [color=#2A27D8]colors[/color] in the air, and adjust your posts as you wish.
More smilies are to come. :slight_smile: :smiley: :lol:

[color=#E618C9]Enjoy![/color] :wink:


Mucho Gracias, (Shukran)

You’re most welcome :slight_smile:

[color=#629D69]How[/color] [color=#4016E8]about[/color] fonts? [color=#22DC40]And[/color] sizes of [color=#EE1157]fonts[/color]? :ok:

Hmm…Taken note of that!
Sizes are to be handled, but I doubt about fonts.

les polices de caractères dépendent du serveur hebergeur et des ordinateurs clients aussi, c’est pour ça qu’on ne peut pas utiliser toute l’armada de Fonts qui existe. une page ecrite en “fs-diwany” ne peut pas s’affiché correctement sur un ordinateur qui n’a pas cette police installé, et puis il y a d’autre système d’exploitations qui ont d’autres codages.
les polices de caractères utilisés sur le net sont compatibles pour tt les navigateurs et tt les systèmes, heureusement :slight_smile:
pour les couleur aussi, c’est sk’on appelle les palettes de couleurs compatible web. pensez a exporter vos image de votre application favoris sur une palette compatible web, surtt si vous la diffuser :wink:

Rien à ajouter sur ce que acrosurfer a dit concernant les polices de caractères. :slight_smile:

[color=#da24b9]Salam Alaikum to everyone :ok:[/color]

[color=#da24b9]I found a picture that i would like to use for my Avatar-However, it seems to be to big- how can i reduce it to fit here?[/color]

yes jaylann i have the same problem ; i have tried with many avatars but it dosen’t work :cry:

You can reduce a picture’s size by following these simple steps:
Right click on the image, then open with paint. There click on image in the top, and then Stretch/Skew. Choose how much you want to reduce it, and save it. (Kaoutar, pour toi c’est Etirer/incliner)

I can do it for you if you need me to.

thank you Admin, ok i will chose an avatar and i will try to reduce it

[color=#5fa05f]Ok, let me try it…[/color]

[color=#7c2ad4]yes, i finally did it :okay:… however, I lost the pic. That i really wanted.[/color]

[color=#1139ed]Sorry, 4got 2say Merci… mucho gracias… thank you, Shukran…:ok:[/color]

Well done, JayLynn. However, you still can get your picture with this small size. Just save it from your avatar! Not sure if the quality will be good if you use Paint the other way around to make it bigger.

It’s Kawtar’s turn now.

it stills larger than the maximum , i will try with an other one soon. thanks

waw it works now thanks a lot!:^^:

At last, Kawtar! Welcome to the avatared members club ;).
Now that you know how to manage it, you can change it as often as you wish!

yes of course :ok: