Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday..

Hello all! hope ur all good inshallah :ok:

I know how thery’re said but just to be 100% how are the following said in Darja:

  1. Today
  2. Tomorrow
  3. Yesterday
  4. Last week
  5. Next week
  6. Tonight
  7. Last night

Thanks in advance!

We’re good to see ya around :hap:

  1. Today --------Lyoom, lyooma.
  2. Tomorrow----Ghdda
  3. Yesterday----Lbar7
  4. Last week----Semana lokhra, semana lli fatet, semana l fayta.
  5. Next week—Semana jjaya
  6. Tonight-------Llyla, had llyla, lyoom b/f llyl <-- (today at night)
  7. Last night----Lbare7 b/f llyl, lylt lbare7

oh thank you! I can see some difference as in Algerian Darja Tomorrow is said as “Ghdwa” as opposed to “Ghadda” :smiley: