to thank surgeon

please help me translate:
Dear dr. touijer,
thanks for your great hands. respectfully,

l3zeez dr touijer
choukran 3la l-eidan dyalk
[respectfully ??]

you wanna wait for a more reliable answer
but that’s my shot :slight_smile:

ty for your reply tukha

no problem, dee, hope someone else can help a little better!

Dee, welcome! Would you like to tell us about you? Come over to this corner.

As for your translation, the expression you used would be very odd in Moroccan. Why don’t you try some other way to convey your message?
Here is what I suggest.

Doctor Touijer,
Shukran 3la kollshi lli drtih m3ana.
= Thank you for all what you did for us.
Allah yjazik bikhir = May God reward you.

You can then put as a conclusion a 3id greeting: 3washr mbrouka.

I hope this answers your request.

thanks, SM :slight_smile: