to english please

Would you please help translate this message to english: 7al.hadi.masn3nah.ghatfkrna.mra.mra.yalah.thla.frask.bzaf. This is how it came through on phone

thanks so much,

hi how are you? all fine with you? truly fine/good [ljaw] is warm not cold. you made me miss us. your voice how…

sorry but i tried…:slight_smile: from there on my translation skills get lost. hope someone else will go ahead :slight_smile:
bye Sue!

I’m goin’ ahead then :

Hi, how are you?? fine ?? healthy, everything’s good? the weather (ljaw) is warm or cold outta there ? i miss ur voice, it’s been a long time since the last time i heard it !!! hope u won’t forget about us. take care a lot of yourself.